Why do our clients choose to partner with us?

QResources was founded to provide clients and candidates a more effective partnership to achieve individual and corporate goals simultaneously. While providing candidates an enhanced relation-based process, QResources serves clients by providing unprecedented levels of transparency surrounding cost and talent standards. All pay rates, benefits, and overall costs are provided up-front to each client.

We create an unprecedented level of transparency in the contract staffing industry, yielding a stronger partnership for clients and candidates.

A New Standard. A New Approach.

Offering an unprecedented level of transparency in the staffing industry, yielding a stronger partnership for clients and candidates.

Employer Benefits

Full Disclosure

Provide clients all financial data surrounding each contractor upfront for approval

Cost Effectiveness

Due to our model and ability to manage costs, QResources can save employers 20-50% on their contract employee costs

Reduced Turnover

A focus on identifying individuals not traditionally found, providing a high level candidate experience, and match candidates to clients appropriately.


Essential to our clients so roles can be filled efficiently and cost-effectively. Being able to build teams faster and with the right employees is a core advantage.


Quickly build and scale down contract staff to provide a variable cost option based on business demands. In addition, all contractors receive a full background check and drug screen

Candidate Quality

Credible candidates that have been carefully sourced for our clients specific needs. Talent we provide has actionable skills and positive values that will add to your business

Providing Organizations with Leaders in the Following Industries

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