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By contacting one of our consultants, you will be granted access to our extensive Candidate Database. This database is a true look into a curated pool of qualified and available talent, which allows you to measure your role against profiles available. Browse by salary range, keyword, location, industry, and more.

Upon selecting a candidate of interest, the client is free to submit a form that inquires about additional information. QResources will provide an extensive profile and overview of the candidate’s qualifications, including work history, salary history, and location intel.

QResources will provide the client a hiring fee based upon our tiered candidate compensation chart. Our placement fees are not based on a percentage, but instead provide a flat rate cost for each hire. This cost is dependent upon the candidate’s salary bracket.

Prior to making a placement of an QRersources candidate, clients will sign an agreement. This agreement states that the client will reimburse Executive Gateways for providing the client at the agreed price point once a successful hire is made. Once the client has signed the agreement, Executive Gateways will provide the full name and contact information of the candidate, allowing the client full access to the candidate.

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