Employers: Stop Being Played

You assumed you were ahead of the game.

The secret is out: employers hire contractors as a test run for permanent employment. Contract firms supply the contractors, employers evaluate the contractors’ performance, and some contractors make it to the next level. The mindset is that employers can “try before they buy.”

But what if contractors are testing you, too?

Many employees have elected to leave full-time employment and become “free agents.” As contractors, they can evaluate an organization’s workload, culture, and compensation before they choose to sign on permanently.

This leaves us with one problem: free agents jump from team A to team B to maximize their pay. Employers will see high turnover if they hire this type of contractor.

So where does this leave employers, and how can you defend yourself against the fickle free agent?

Employer Responsibilities

STAY COMPETITIVE: Let’s face it: if you offer meager pay and measly benefits, your employees will bow out. This is especially true of contractors-turned-employees, who are brand new to the company. While competitive packages might cost you more in the short term, they save bundles in the long-term due to less turnover and higher productivity. That’s why we pay our contractors fairly from day one.

CORRECT THE CULTURE: Employees can only endure a miserable company culture for so long. Eventually, it will wear them down and outweigh any competitive benefits you offer. When evaluating your company culture, be sure to include management in the equation. Contractors-turned-employees will quickly tire of poor management relationships and will gladly find a new place of employment.

Contract Firm Responsibilities

RECRUITMENT RESEARCH: Rather than recycling candidates or shuffling outdated resumes, a quality contract firm will leave no stone unturned. They will treat contract candidate research just like any other research in terms of priority and weight. LinkedIn is not good enough; they will also use phone calls and in-person interviews to fully understand their contacts.

DETERMINE CANDIDATE DRIVERS: Throughout the recruitment research process, the quality contract firm can determine what will attract and retain the candidate. Is it money, culture, fulfilling work? This information can only be obtained through relationship building and constant communication. After obtaining this critical piece, the contract firm makes a better offer. Employers can use this same information for retention purposes. If the contractor-turned-employee values flexibility, the employer can focus on providing an alternative schedule. If s/he values pay, the employer can provide competitive compensation. The key is to use information already provided.

The question remains: where is an employer to find a quality contract firm in today’s market?

As a Qualigence Group affiliate, QResources knows a thing or two about recruitment. By applying those strategies to contract work, we provide high-quality results to the most overtaxed, harried employers.

Let’s get a handle on this business together.


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