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Contract staffing: what an ugly term.

Filled with connotations of low quality, scams, and penny-sucking sales strategies, the industry has finally reached an all-time low.

Even so, organizations are struggling more than ever to fill their open requisitions with qualified contractors. With this need on the rise, the problem of contract staffing firms has become more prominent.


Are you getting what you need from your Contract Vendor? 

Picking the right partner that can find and keep quality contract staff when you need them is no easy task.  Hyped up promises, closed lipped processes, and one side agreements seem to be the norm.

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Immediate need. Short Term Project. Company expansion. Contract to hire.

Most organizations leverage contractors for one or more of these reasons, as well as many other advantages.

Arm yourself with the knowledge to properly select the right option for your contract staffing needs!


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Partnership with Insurance Provider Defines QResources

Download this example of how one of the largest health insurance providers leveraged the right contract firm to expand their business and offering.

Contract Firms should NOT be a one size fits all approach!

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